Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Directed Erotic Visualization

As part of our series on helping girls orgasm, today we’re bringing you a visualizing exercise sent in by one of our loyal (and anonymous) readers.

We’re not really sure how to introduce this, except to say that it’s an audio file that seems to be hosted literotica.com:

Directed Erotic Visualization

Click on the link above and scroll all the way down to the audio file at the bottom. (Lock yourself in your bedroom before you actually listen to it—it goes without saying this is definitely NSFW.)

The “visualization” essentially consists of a British man performing a hypnotic series of relaxation exercises followed by erotic mental stimulation. There’s a lot of counting backwards and breathing exercise you’ve seen school-assembly hypnotists perform, but the narrator also tries to help you climax by having you mentally recreate the pleasurable sensations that come from orgasm.

That’s right—the stimulation is all mental, not physical.

The audio only comes out of the right speaker for most of the 10-minute file, which kind of spoiled the moment for us because we spent so long trying to fix the sound.

The man’s voice might be a little off-putting for some as well. It’s actually quite pleasant and pretty much benign, but he used the word “pussy” a few times, which made us cringe.

If you decide to try this exercise, we recommend the following.

1) Shutting yourself off in a room where no one will disturb you.

2) Relaxing as much as possible before you start the file—most people will probably experience some mental blocks, and the sooner you start addressing and negating them, the better.

3) Not worrying about the audio imbalance/quality. Or really any other technical (or unrelated) distraction. To get this right, you need complete concentration.

The hardest part, for most people, will probably be moving past any aversions. Many people are skeptical of hypnosis, and some people might be put off by the man’s voice.

Try not to let your mind linger on these distractions. It’s easier if you can just accept the exercise and move on. No matter what’s bothering you, the person on the other end of the speakers can’t hear you, and would it help if we told you he’s a trained sex therapist? (We’re totally making that last part up, but who knows.)

Climax probably won’t happen for girls who’ve never reached it before, because the exercise requires visualizing a recent orgasm—something that might be difficult for women who aren’t familiar with this sensation.

But it could be very helpful for people who have trouble getting off from manual stimulation.

The later in life girls start experimenting with masturbation, the harder it can be to achieve orgasm. After all, if you started masturbating at 20, there are probably a few social and cultural stigmas that made you abstain when your hormones were at the peak of their rage.

And that’s where this exercise could help anyone who’s experiencing mental blocks around orgasms. It encourages you to equate climax with relaxation—something that’s a lot more counterintuitive than it seems.

When you put too much pressure on yourself to come, it’s harder to actually get there. It’s easier to reach climax when you feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

If the audio file doesn’t work for you, try integrating some of the deep breathing and visualization into your masturbation routine. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it’ll be to orgasm—no matter who's doing the talking.


  1. Essemoh Teepee writes:

    It was fascinating to discover this article and the subsequent one on the differences between the male and female experience of Orgasm.
    This first very short Audio was purely an experiement and the quality of the file on Literotica.com is particularly poor. Some far better examples, much longer and more involving can be found here.


    I have had a lot of feedback from listeners who have found them helpful in relaxing into that sensual place which leads naturally to some very good orgasms.

    The experiences are a mixture of vanilla sensual sex and some with more spice. Light BDSM and Dominant/submissive play as well as a few more straightforward relaxation and sleep aids.

    I should be happy to explain more about Directed Erotic Visualisation if anyone is interested.

    My regards


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