Friday, June 4, 2010

Are You a Romantic?

After yesterday’s post, we asked a few of our friends for feedback.

These were the same friends that we’d mentioned yesterday, the ones who profess to believe in love, and they all responded in pretty much the same way: “I guess I’m just a romantic.”

But these friends don’t really come off as romantic. One has a degree in Gender Studies. Another wants to have sex with as many women as humanly possible, and rarely finds any that hold his interest for more than two dates.

Why are these realistic, practical, and intelligent people looking for a chick-flick ending?

To us, a romantic is not a person who stays true to his values and embarks on a journey to find his holy grail in a world of one-night stands and Craigslist casual encounters. Instead, a romantic is someone controlled by his emotions, abandoning logic and reason to chase the highs that come with infatuation.

Because that’s what makes someone a romantic. You fall for those feelings and don’t stop to examine the person that’s triggering them (note that the person triggers, not causes, these feelings).

If you’re really looking for a happy ending (and not the kind you find at a rub-and-tug place), the answer is in you, not another person.

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