Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking Down the Street

Back in the good old days, when girls went to finishing school instead of high school, they might not have learned basic math, but they definitely learned how to walk.

This skill has somehow slipped of the syllabus in recent years, but it’s definitely worth knowing. Guys probably aren’t going to notice that you have a nice stride, but they will notice you if you know how to carry yourself.

Let’s start with the basics: When most of us walk, we lead with our shoulders/upper bodies. This leads to hunched shoulders and slouched postures—although it does make for a more efficient pace.

Let’s compare:

Even the freakishly beautiful look better when they’re standing up straight. (And it’s probably better for your back or whatever.)

The key to a good stride is leading with your hipbones (those two bones that jut out from the place where your thighs meet your torso). The hipbone should move first, and everything else follows. This should automatically make you straighten your back and push back your shoulders (and add a few inches to your bustline). But if it doesn’t, fix your posture.

Think of the stride itself as emanating from your hips, not your feet. The hips are what move you; the feet follow. Place one foot in front of the other, like you’re trying to pass a sobriety test. Your hips should naturally swing from side to side, but don’t overdo it. (We’ve all seen those girls on the Metro.)

When your feet land, try to keep most of the weight in the ball of your foot. It might feel like you’re walking your tiptoes, but it prevents you from dragging your feet (especially in heels).

When you master your walk, you project confidence. And everyone is attracted to confidence, mostly because they associate with success/power.

We tested this theory for you, dear readers, the other night. We were walking home from yoga in our sweaty yoga clothes and stiletto boots, so the outfit made no sense but kind of went with all the sweat/general grossness. We walked for a few blocks without putting any effort into our stride, and, as we expected, no one paid attention. Then we walked for a few blocks using the techniques outlined above, and almost every boho (bohemian hobo) said something to the effect of “damn girl!” except for one (who, in his defense, may have been sleeping). And this was after 1.5 hours of solid sweating (interspersed with long periods of lying on the ground, but whatever).

If your hips walk you into a room, guys notice. We’re not saying that this is the best way to go about meeting your future boyfriend, but in these challenging economic times, couldn’t we all use a helping stride?

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  1. Great article! When I walk I normally think of what my yoga teacher tells me to correct because that is usually what's wrong with my posture.