Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missed Connection of the Day

Don't forget to send questions for tomorrow's Survey the District! And for now, here's out favorite missed connection of the day:

Gene at the Manassas Super Wal-Mart - w4m - 29 (Manassas)

Hey Gene, I was in your store last night and you helped me with a bike. I was the brunette wearing the white blouse,leather jacket jeans and black boots. you spent almost an hour with me. I wanted to give you my number. but you were gone when I had worked enough courage. Then I saw you with a tall girl that worked there and she had her hand on your arm, you were both laughing I hope she isn't your girlfriend, i didn't see a ring so I am guessing you aren't married. If you or anyone that knows you sees this could you or whoever let him know I would like to talk to him. God, you are so handsome and those brown eyes made me melt. Hope to hear from you soon,


Let's hope this isn't a Date the District reader...

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