Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not-So-Desperate Singles Event?

Normally, we're not advocates of singles nights. They're usually 1) a huge waste of time 2) incredibly awkward and 3) filled with such desperate, misguided aging bachelors that the few normal people who show up leave feeling beyond depressed because it seems like all the good ones are taken.

But on Friday night, the mysterious "Atieno and Alana" host an evening of "champagne and conversation" at Napoleon Bistro. We'll show up anywhere if there's a champagne tasting (which there is), but Atieno (a real estate agent who "finds houses and spouses") wants you to come to meet someone who you'll really connect with. And she has a plan to make sure it's not a guy who still gets dating advice from his mom.

Here's how it works: you show up looking hot and bring a friend of the opposite sex who's a real catch (i.e., someone you would set your best friend up with). Add champagne. Rinse. Repeat.

We're a little worried that it might just be cute girls and their awkward, cute-but-not-in-that-way-but-a-really-sweet-guy friends from college. But you never know. And did we mention the champagne?

E-mail us at if you want an invite. Otherwise, we'll see you at 1847 Columbia Rd NW this Friday at 7:30.

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