Friday, October 29, 2010

A Few Words on Perfume

The other day a (female) friend of ours enlisted a (male) European to show her how she should wear her scarf. He demonstrated on his own neck, and before returning the scarf to her, he held the scarf up to his nose and conspicuously inhaled, which made the entire table burst out laughing.

“What?” he said. “Sometimes a girl’s scarf smells so good from her perfume!”

This got us thinking. If the smell of perfume is so enticing that this guy will go out of his way for it—and not only that, ignore pretty much all social conventions to get it—could Sephora be the answer to all dating woes?

 The olfactory glands can be powerful persuaders. Certain smells can trigger strong emotions when they hearken back to your past, and there’s nothing like finding (and smelling) an ex-boyfriend’s old t-shirt to set you back two weeks in the grieving process.

Those Old Spice ads might have driven you crazy, but we bet you’ve lingered in the deodorant aisle and debated whether or not you could get away with one whiff.

A light, feminine fragrance has the same effect on men. Is it going to make him fall in love with you? No. Will it help you find your future soul mate? Definitely not.

But if a guy gets wind of a pleasant smell, will he find himself wanting to talk to you without knowing why? Perhaps.

If nothing else, it can’t hurt. The next time you’re out of mascara, consider switching to drugstore brand and put the savings towards a new bottle of something sweet.

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