Wednesday, October 20, 2010

News Roundup: Katherine Chloe Cahoon

 There’s a new hack-who’s-so-bad-it’s-good in town, and she’s here to save American women from the horrors of dating men with a blue passport.

Vanderbilt graduate Katherine Chloe Cahoon has discovered the secret to a great love life, and it’s as easy as hopping the pond.

According to Cahoon (who, by the way, cannot interview a single “subject” without uncontrollably giggling), European men are more romantic. (That’s what we assume she wants us to conclude, anyway—her video is just a collection of “interviews” that look more like super-awkward first dates with no conclusion/message.)

We have a feeling Cahoon made this video for the sole purpose of talking to the men in the video, and the results are hilarious. Highlights include her secret to meeting European men (the nonlocational “sports”), and you have to watch just to hear the answer to the hard-hitting “What do men from the Balkan peninsula love most?”
 (And the Frenchman she picked, who’s about as sexy as the Parisian Metro at rush hour.) 

OK, in all serious, we touched on this a bit before in our post on dating men with accents, but setting out to date a man who can get you into the EU is like picking a college based on the sweatshirts.

If you fall in love with a Frenchman, great. But if you limit your search to guys who call it the “American War of Independence,” you’re really shrinking your pool of eligible bachelors. It’s hard enough to find someone you click with in your zip code—why make it worse?

There’s also the cultural barrier. If the ultimate goal in a relationship is understanding, you have to do a lot more work to get there when the guy you’re dating has never heard of Sesame Street.

That’s not to say that two people from different countries can’t have wonderful, meaningful relationships—if they couldn’t, we wouldn’t be around to write this blog today.

But going out and looking for a relationship that, by definition, presents more challenges than most is a different story.

Don’t turn down a date just because he’s British. But don’t turn down an American just because he isn’t.

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