Friday, April 9, 2010


Take it from Jennifer Love Hewitt: vajazzling is great!

According to Ms. Love Hewitt, covering your vagina in Swarovski crystals is not only a great use of money, it also makes your lady parts “shine like a disco ball,” and it might even give you that boost of confidence that some women get by taking off their panties.

Don’t worry about whether or not it’s safe/a good idea to glue crystals to your vagina, or that it costs around $100 and only lasts for 5 days. Instead, focus on the positives—like the fact that you can get vajazzled for 50 bucks during spa week!

It’s unclear why women don’t consider this some kind of cruel and unusual punishment, and it’s even more unclear why they actually pay money for it. If you’ve ever had sex, you’d immediately realize how impractical it’d be to have jewels down there mid-coitus.

Here’s the interview, if you’re interested.

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