Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is Going Commando the Best Way to Meet Guys?

Apparently cooking’s not doing it for Rachael Ray anymore, because the other day she had a panel come in to talk about the merits of not wearing underwear.

One of her dating gurus, a woman who calls herself “Mama Gena,” suggested that women who are unlucky in love have only one thing the blame: the thong separating their jeans from their lady parts.

According to Mama Gena, the best way to attract men is to go commando, because that dirty little secret gives you a boost of confidence that’s irresistible to men.

“It’s a secret that’s been passed down through the ages,” she explains, making obvious reference to the medieval heiresses who shocked the Babylonian fashion world when they were painted stepping out of horse-drawn carriages without their chastity belts.

And everyone’s read the Victorian ladies handbooks that suggest snagging a suitor by showing up at the ball with nothing under your corset, petticoat, and twelve layers of floor-length skirts.

Oh, that’s right—they didn’t, because women didn’t start wearing anything that even remotely resembled the modern-day panty until the late 1930s. (Wikipedia It.)

So Mama Gena’s already batting like a third-string outfielder for the Washington Nationals, but is there some merit to her pantyless proposition?

The Kane Show posed this question to its listeners this morning, and the vast majority agreed. Each caller basically offered some variation on, “Fuck yeah, I never wear panties, and I get guys all the time!” Except for one chick who said, “I totally disagree—I never wear underwear, and on the days that I do, I feel a lot more confident.”

But here’s our question: is lack of underwear making women confident, or do the women who forgo undergarments tend to be more confident to begin with?

The dirty-little-secret element can certainly be thrilling, but does it make you brazen enough to approach every guy at the bar? And furthermore, is approaching guys at bars necessarily the best tactic?

We’ve talked about this before: coming off as overly available isn’t sexy. That doesn’t mean that guys won’t respond to it, but they’ll be more interested in the girl at the bar who won’t give them the time of day.

But the question is, how do you exude sexiness from afar? The answer really is confidence. And so if going commando gives you bravado, by all means, go for it.

But confidence is easy to fake, too. Proper stance (shoulders back, chin up)and a cocky gait can be just as effective as a firm handshake.

But learning how to carry yourself is probably a lot easier than learning how to project confidence by taking off your panties before you head out the door.

And that’s a secret that’s probably worth passing down through the ages.


  1. It depends how well I know a girl (I'm a man, by the way) when learning the information that she isn't wearing underwear when she goes out. If we've been going steady (and if I know she does it all the time), it's a lot less drastic than if it's the first date and she tells me this (or I find out on my own). Context matters. I would personally be put off if this information is revealed in one way or another early on in the relationship.

  2. All I can think about is how unhygenic that is! How often do these girls who go commando wash their jeans?! I like a little something around my lady parts. x.

  3. Actually when combined with a skirt/dress it's incredibly hygienic, especially when compared to wearing a thong which is prone to giving yeast infections. Does it give confidence? Well I went out with several women who I've asked to go for a day without panties and agreed.. All of them said that they felt more self aware of what they were doing in general and the slight paranoia gave them a bit of an adrenaline buzz - as if it were a wrong thing to do. On each occasion coming home it lead to me getting pinned down and... well use your imagination. IMO, I don't see anything wrong with it. Under jeans, I'd have a problem (sticky sweaty...urgh) but under a dress, skirt etc, I think it's kinda sexy. I have no real problem with it and would encourage it.