Friday, January 8, 2010

The $30 Brazilian

When we’re looking to do things on a budget, we usually steer clear of Georgetown.

But when our friend told us has a place on Wisconsin that only charges $30 for Brazilian waxes, we had to try it.

For that price, we were expecting a fume-filled nail salon with a chair in the corner of the room and a curtain. To our surprise, Polished felt like an actual salon, comfy waiting room chairs, vaguely Eastern décor, soothing color schemes and all.

And although there’s only one waxing room, it was clean and spacious. Maybe not the most luxurious we’ve ever seen (and one wall was covered in a giant mirror, which really creeped us out), but we weren’t worried about getting an infection.

The esthetician, Tammi, was great. We have a low tolerance for pain and awkwardness, but she was good at alleviating both. She told us the whole process would take less than four minutes, and she using deep breathing to take our mind off the fact that she was pour hot wax all over our vagina.

We were totally happy with the results. We told her to take it all off, and she listened. And, because our favorite razor costs $10 a refill, a $30 Brazilian might actually be cheaper than shaving.

1425 Wisconsin Ave NW


  1. The average cost at a "ehhh" place for a brazilian in NYC is the same price- you want lavish, you pay lavish lol.
    I can't hack the pain, I'll stick to shaving!

  2. Right down the street (on Wisconsin near O street, just past Paolo's) is Kim's Nails. It's a no-frills place and Kim doesn't speak much English, but she does a great job. And it's only $25!