Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Cry for Help

Dear Readers,

We missed you this weekend, and we swear we were thinking of all of you stuck in DC while we walked on the beach in our bikini.

But before we post today’s column, we wanted to share some bad news with you.

DJ Pauly D’s show at McFadden’s sold out before we could buy tickets.

This tragic turn of events has left us feeling shocked and confused. We’re still fist-pumping, but it’s a half-assed, limp-wristed version that proves our heart just isn’t in it.

And so we’re making a desperate plea to you, our loyal readers: If any of you have an extra VIP pass for tonight’s show, can you please e-mail us at datethedistrict@gmail.com?

Remember, it’s for the children.

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