Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UPDATE: News Roundup: Why Do Smart Women Have the Toughest Time Dating

In discussions we’ve had with our readers after this morning’s post, we’ve come up with something we failed to mention before.

Our main problem with Dr. Benzer’s article is that it confuses intelligence with ambition. The hypothetical woman he describes in his article is very ambitious, but it’s not clear that she meets the conventional definition of “smart” (i.e., naturally intelligent and very well educated).

And while Dr. Benzer neatly outlines the problems faced by cutthroat business types, he doesn’t really touch on the problems faced by intellectual women.

If you can’t help but contextualize every film you see, and you like to spend the post-movie drink breaking it down scene by scene, it’s hard to date people who can’t keep up.

And so the real problem smart women face, in our opinion, is that they either spend too much time rubbing their obscure degrees in men’s faces, or they play dumb.

And neither solution is very effective.


  1. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................

  2. love it , obscure degrees !