Monday, January 11, 2010

Survey the District: How to Suggest a Brazilian

Dear Date the District,

Re: The $30 Brazilian... how would you suggest this to a girlfriend? My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and a half and I am worried that if I bring this up, she will feel self conscious, which I do not want because I really love her.

If only you could say, “Would you mind ripping your pubic hair out at the follicles?” with flowers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for you, but we do have some suggestions.

To start, we think the fact that you’re proceeding with caution, not because you’re worried she’ll get pissed at you, but because you don’t want to hurt her feelings, is a good sign. And if that statement is any indication of what kind of a boyfriend you are, we’re sure you can find a way to bring it up without making her feel bad.

But how you bring it up really depends on a lot of factors, like her personality, your personality, the way you two communicate, etc.

If you guys are pretty open about sex, you could try framing it as something new to try in bed. Say something like, “You know, I think it would be so hot if you got a Brazilian.” Offer to do the research, find a good place, and, most importantly, pay.

Or, if self-confidence is an issue, try saying something like, “You know, I was at work yesterday, and out of nowhere this naked image of you popped into my head. And all the hair down there… was gone. It was so hot that I couldn’t concentrate at all, and so I started Googling it, and it turns out it’s called a Brazilian wax, and, oh my God, if you got one, you would never have to buy me a Christmas present again.”

If bringing it up is the part that’s too awkward, you could go to a spa and buy her a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, facial, and Brazilian wax (or some other combo that includes a Brazilian but doesn’t make your intentions so obvious).

The 9-to-5 Blonde (whom you may remember from What to Wear on a First Date) also suggested waiting until her spring break trip (or summer beach weather) and buying her a bathing suit and a gift certificate for a Brazilian wax. It’s a sweet gift, and it makes the Brazilian seem like an afterthought.

But ultimately, honesty is the best way to make sure you don’t hurt her feelings. Because you haven’t fallen out of love with her, and you don’t think she’s ugly. You just want to try something new. And, unless she’s super sensitive, that shouldn’t offend her.

If she had a sexual request, you’d want her to share it with you, right? Make sure she knows that. And make sure that’s all it is: a request. If she says no, let it go.

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  1. You could always suggest it as a "We" thing. Go with her and it get it done too! ;-)